Manduka Mat Review–Prolite

Hello Darlings!

Long time, no write–I know.

It’s been a busy time (isn’t it always?) but you have to make time to do the things you enjoy, and this blog is one of those things, so I just have to make time.

Last month I finally upgraded my yoga mat, took the plunge and bought a mat from Manduka. My previous mat was from Gaiam, and as much as I loved it and it served me well for three years, it was time for a change. I bought Manduka’s PROlite mat in Indulge (a lovely deep purple–my favorite color) and I love it. At 71″ it is longer than my last mat–an attribute I never knew I wanted until I had it. Aside from the color and length, what I love most about this mat is how grippy it is. As much as I loved my Gaiam mat, it was pretty slippery even when I wasn’t good and sweaty. I have yet to try out the PROlite while doing a super sweaty practice, but so far, my hands and feet stay where I place them. The same goes for where I place my mat. Even on carpet it stays put for the most part and doesn’t bunch up.

I’m keeping this post short and sweet. I’m very happy with this mat, and am looking forward to more purchases from Manduka (I’m thinking about upgrading my blocks next). I did purchase this mat from Amazon and not directly from Manduka 1.) Manduka didn’t have the color I wanted in stock and I didn’t want to wait and 2.) I had a gift card. 🙂 My recommendation? It may be a little spendy, but this is a great mat from a company with a great reputation. I will update after I’ve worked with the mat for a few more months.

Namaste and have an amazing week!


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