October Book Review: The Art and Business of Teaching Yoga

Greetings Darlings!

My degree is in English, and for four years I heard one overriding phrase from every teaching in every class: “Keep it clear and concise.” The Art and Business of Teaching Yoga by Amy Ippoliti and Taro Smith, PhD was exactly that. I am full of appreciation that these two took the time to write a book like this one for yoga teachers. After only one read-through I feel like I have gained so much more knowledge than I had before. The information is organized and delivered thoughtfully and there are many “exercises” given throughout that I highly recommend you stop and do as you read. As someone who can read a book rapidly (a byproduct of my degree I think) it was pleasurable to go slowly through this book, chapter by chapter, and take notes.

My favorite part of this book? It is practical and realistic. I plan on making teaching yoga my career and it was a welcome relief to be told matter-of-factly that we teachers deserve to be paid because we are offering a service. Beyond the “business-y” aspect of the book, it also gives advice on improving your personal practice and there is an entire chapter dedicated to self-care. One sentence that particularly resonated with me (although there were many) in this aspect was, “Put on your favorite music first thing in the morning, and get on your mat and just experiment with movement (p. 169).” My practice has been feeling a bit stale lately and this morning I did this and felt so much joy in loosening up, reconnecting, and letting my body do what it does best.

Long story short, I give this book 5/5 Namaste hands (a new rating system I’m trying out) and I recommend it to new teachers, established teachers, and those thinking about becoming teachers. Amy and Taro–thank you for your hard work and knowledge!


Here’s a link to their AWESOME site 90Monkeys:



Namaste Darlings and have a beautiful week! 🙂


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