Bloom and Social Anxiety

Let’s get a bit deep, shall we?

Over a month ago, a friend invited me to an event that took place a couple of weeks ago. I said “yes” immediately and then immediately began to question my decision. Why? I deal with some social anxiety from time to time, and even though it isn’t a daily ordeal, when it does hit, it hits with force. Sometimes when this happens I end up talking myself out of whichever thing is causing anxiety in the first place instead of facing up to it. I end up coming down on myself hard. The Inner Critic rears its ugly head and the “What’s wrong with you?” and “Why are you like this?” go round and round. This is something I’m working on. 

Back to the event. It was called “Bloom” and was basically a networking/mingling event for creatives, industry people, and professionals to get together. This happened to be one of the times when I told myself that chickening out was not an option, I got all dressed up, and forced myself out the door. I’ll preface the rest by saying–I did have fun. It was a great event, had a good turnout and was well put-together. What I still struggled with was going up to people and starting conversations and I could tell my friend didn’t get it. She kept telling me to go and mingle and introduce myself…easy, right? Except the thought of it made my stomach hurt and my chest feel tight. 

There isn’t a major point to this post or any major “a-ha” moment that I experienced that night. My major reason for sharing is to encourage patience. Be patient with yourself and keep working towards where you want to be. Maybe you have a friend or a family member who is going through something you don’t fully understand and that’s okay too–just remember patience. Dismissing another’s anxiety or getting irritated because you don’t understand it or think it’s “not a big deal” will ultimately make it harder for that person to overcome whatever he or she is battling at that moment. 

No matter what, I’m still grateful for the opportunity to attend the event, listen to some great music, and of course, to wear the perfect dress!

Namaste Darlings and Cheers to Wednesday! 


2 thoughts on “Bloom and Social Anxiety

  1. I can totally relate as I am the same exact way. I have to push myself to attend a lot of social events and I HATE big groups which most of these things always are. I’m also not loud or the comedian that shines in most of these type of settings. I have to go meet with two people after work tonight and I’m already dreading it….

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    1. Thanks for your message! I hope your meeting went okay and that it wasn’t too stressful for you. ❤ Some days are a lot easier than others. Just keep doing you!


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