Hello Darlings! 

We’re over halfway through July, and how did that happen?? I have a review up for you today that is long overdue…so without further ado, here it is! 

The first chapter of Maria Felipe’s Live Your Happy: Get Out of Your Own Way and Find the Love Within is what got me: “You Are Not Bad, and You Are Not Going to Hell.” Okay, great. Whew. This is the perfect example of one of the reasons I liked this book so much–she is straight and to the point. There isn’t any nonsense to sift through here. Before I dive in a little deeper, I will tell you right off the bat the one aspect I primarily struggled with while reading this book. I am not a religious person (but am respectful of those who are). Therefore, when a book asks me to put all of my eggs in God’s basket, I’m immediately wary and skeptical. However. Maria doesn’t ask too much of her readers on this aspect and and suggests that your inner “God” can be identified as whatever you are comfortable with as long as you know it is your place of love and peace. I chose to think of it as inner light and it definitely made it easier for me to accept and move on with the rest of the book! 

As you have all probably guessed by now (and what I hinted at in the last paragraph), I like my “Personal Growth” books to be clear and concise. Minimal fluff. At a whopping 114 pages “Live Your Happy” meets my needs. Maria does an excellent job of blending the serious with the humorous and providing meaningful examples from her own life to illustrate each section/topic. Through her writing, her passion for helping others and her knowledge of the subject matter really shines. 

While each chapter is illuminating and helpful in its own right, chapters 2 and 7 stuck out to me particularly. Chapter 2 is titled “You Are Not Who You Thing You Are” and focuses on tricks the ego can play on you and emphasizes that you are not your ego. On page 19, Maria tells us “We can choose to see the world through the eyes of love or through the eyes of fear.” She cautions that choosing to make decisions based off of what your ego is telling you is the way of fear. Becoming aware of our thoughts can allow us to make more mindful decisions. I’m working on being more aware of my ego and so this chapter was very much in tune with my life. 

Chapter 7, titled “You Are Not Stuck” is the one that resonated with me more than all of the others because of how “stuck” I have been feeling in life lately. Maria tells us that:

 “We can get so used to the way things are and to doing the same thing everyday that, even though we wish for a change, we think we can’t, so we don’t even make an effort. We think we’re stuck, without realizing it’s merely our thoughts that aren’t going anywhere! But while our thoughts can keep us stuck, they can also get us going again (Felipe 81).”

The power is all in our thoughts and I like that the power is “choosing to see differently.” It reminds me that we have the power to choose how the day is going to go, and we have the power to choose what is going to affect us and how.

This is just a little taste of all of the wisdom present in “Live Your Happy” and I definitely recommend you all give it a read. It might cause you to see something different about yourself or someone else. Until you read it, I encourage you to act out of kindness and love. I’ll leave you with my favorite quote/visual from page 91: “Just like a dog sheds hair and the hair goes all over the place, you can be shedding light all over everyone and everything.” 
Namaste Darlings and Happy Friday! 


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