Freestyle Friday 8/25

Welcome to the THIRD edition of Freestyly Friday! You read that right, I have managed to post something for THREE WEEKS in a row! This is a big deal…at least for me. I’m having one of those weeks where I have about 50 things I should have accomplished over the week and have accomplished maybe one of them so I’m going to *attempt* to keep this post short and sweet. 

So there was this thing called the solar eclipse that happened on Monday, maybe you heard about it? *Insert collective groans in front of screens everywhere.* I know, I know, maybe we’re all tired of hearing about it, but I wanted to share some really sweet moments I experienced while the eclipse was happening…hence the short and sweet post. (Ha, get it? No? That’s okay, I wasn’t trying to be funny anyway.)

I went into Eclipse Day 2017 curious and with a low level of excitement and a healthy dose of “meh.” The evening before, my yoga teacher talked about this idea of a “collective pause” and how Monday morning thousands and thousands of people would stop, pause, and everyone would be looking up at the sky. To me, that sounded pretty magical. Monday morning came, and I went to work with the preschoolers. We had less than ten of them there (a magical occurrence in its own right) and they were SO excited. We set up my laptop to livestream the event, and we (the teachers) took turns running outside with the glasses to check the moon’s movement and report back to the kiddos. I was pleasantly surprised by how interested the children were and they made a chart and “moon pie” treats. 

The main point of all of this comes now–one of my coworkers is Muslim and in her religion a total eclipse is a BIG DEAL. It’s the time when you can ask Allah (god) for anything–forgiveness, peace, love, etc. For me, this is when the magic really started happening. To see her so moved, to see how important this event was to her, and, the most beautiful part: to hear her ask us all to ask for peace in the moments of totality…it brought tears to my eyes. When the moment came, my kiddos cheered and then were silent, staring at the event on the screen. There was definitely a buzz in the air…that collective pause. You can bet your socks I asked for peace in that moment. 

Whether you were in the path of totality or not, if you were watching, I hope you had a rewarding eclipse experience. Have a beautiful weekend Darlings–I’m off to Bend! 


Next-day moon

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