Freestyle Friday (On Saturday) 9/2

I’m a day late and the reason is this–I’m a teacher. I teach preschool. Teaching preschool generally means that there is no summer break. The last day of school was Wednesday and Tuesday we get a brand-new class. This weekend we were given a 4-day weekend and it is essentially our “summer vacation”…and I worked through it yesterday. I will probably work more on Monday. My fellow teachers and I (one in particular) put it MANY hours trying to get our classroom ready for Tuesday. 

This is not a post to complain about being a teacher. Instead, the point of this post is to encourage you all to please, PLEASE, hug a teacher sometime in the next couple of weeks. Smile at them, shake their hands, thank them. Their jobs (and mine) are not only extremely difficult at times but also extremely important. We’re teaching the future ya’ll. I know how much work I put into this life and I look around at my teacher friends who work even harder than I do so…even a pat on the shoulder would do. 

This is not a post to complain about a lack of appreciation. I have been showered with love and thanks and appreciation and wonderful, kind words this past week. However, what I am is also exhausted and dealing with emotions of excitement and also a feeling like I’m going to fail them. (This comes and goes every year.) 

This week, if you have friends or family members that teach, instead of constantly remarking “Wow, I could never do what you do” (not to be sassy, but we already know that) maybe just reach out and say “Hey, thanks for doing what you do.” 😉

We all need a little validation sometimes. 

Namaste Darlings, and have a lovely weekend! 


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