Yogi in the City: Canada Edition Pt. 1

This took WAY longer than I wanted, but finally getting my post up about my recent Canada trip! (The first half, that is.)During the last weekend of July I FINALLY left the country for the first time and went to Canada with my mom and nana. Going into this post, I had every intention of getting very detailed on the day-to-day of the trip. In an effort to share some of the cool things we did and my thoughts but also not spend a thousand years writing (no one has that kind of time anymore, you know?), I’m going to break it down day-by-day with some of the highlights. 

Monday: En route to Vancouver, B.C.:

  • Monday consisted of driving. 
  • More driving (passed by Seattle for the first time!)
  • Lots of driving. Good thing about taking my car though–I had ALL of the control over the music. 
  • We had a really entertaining border agent (obviously I don’t know what their exact titles) who graciously stamped our passports even though we’re Americans. 
  • Our motel was in N. Vancouver and while the immediate vicinity was nothing to write home about, the motel was clean and staff was very friendly! 

We took a walk that evening primarily so I could scope out an area to run in.

First of many bridges we passed over!

    Tuesday: Vancouver Day

    • I went for a run while my mom and nana were still sleeping–I found a pretty neighborhood, a small (slightly confusing) trail, a lot of stairs, and got lost. Success. 
    • H.R. MacMillan Space Museum: the nerd in me loved this. It was smaller than I expected, but still really interesting! I got to touch a moon rock and a meteorite! 


    • Driving through Vancouver was pretty difficult…I thought drivers in Portland were annoying but WOW. That’s all I will say. We weren’t receiving reliable info about where to exchange money and parking was difficult (not surprising considering we were in a city) and my mom was ready to call in quits. We survived and has lunch at Romer’s–okay food but the real winner was Whistler Brewing Co.’s Grapefruit Ale. I’m currently trying ton figure out how to get some in Oregon! 
    #3: Grapefruit Ale
    • Stanley Park!!! What a beautiful place. We didn’t go through the entire thing (next trip?) but walked through the flower garden, along the waterfront and saw black squirrels!

    • We ate pizza for dinner. This may not seem important but I was tired and it was delicious and I look back on that memory fondly. 

    Wednesday: Last Day in Vancouver! 

    • Capilano Suspension Bridge Park:

         –Loved this park in North Vancouver…it was pretty tourist-y…probably because it was amazing!

         -The bridge is 450ft long and hangs 230ft above Capilano River. It was a little nerve-wracking to cross..but also exhilarating! The Cliffwalk was also SO COOL. 

        -We completed every stop in the park and even received a Certificate of Completion (which is obviously all that I hope for in life) and we were impressed by how clean and well-run the place was. 

       -Being able to take a shuttle from our motel to the park was a game-changer and we were very grateful.

    • Hotel for rest time…and also so I could start bingeing Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency on Netflix (Canadian Netflix felt WAY COOLER than American Netflix. Just saying.)
    • Walking Tour: 

       –We did a last minute walking tour through Vancouver in the evening and it was one of my favorite parts of the trip up until this point! 

         -We went through Forbidden Vancouver walking tours and chose the “Prohibition City” tour–our guide was SO interesting and it was fun to hear some of the seedier history of the city. I HIGHLY recommend it! 

      Near where we ended the tour!

      Thanks for sticking around Darlings! Part 2 will arrive soon….life has been SO busy! 



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