Freestyle Friday (on Saturday) 9/9/17

I know, I know. It’s Saturday…but I fell asleep trying to post this last night, so here we are.

Positive relationships.

We see and hear those words all of the time–usually in connection to how we should form them, search them out, cultivate them, etc. I’m talking about all types of relationships here, not only romantic ones. It’s been an interesting week over here in the World of Megan with First Week of School blues (getting used to an entirely new set of kids and missing the old ones) and dating blues. A dating update will come soon and be ready for me to get very real with you all…because what is the point of sharing experiences in this setting if I edit myself? However, all that for another time. After some things went down this week, my people stepped up big time. Right now, I’m here to gush about how lucky I am to have such amazing, supportive, caring friends in my life.

As children and as we age, we make and build friendships and some are good, and some are not. Some are toxic and exhausting and painful and stressful. One thing that has hit me so clearly in the last couple of years is that I get to choose who is in my life and who is not…when it comes to friendships. I have this amazing power to make choices for myself based on my well-being and SO DO YOU. This is not always easy, but I can tell you right now that it is incredible when you can stop and think, “Wow, I have these brilliant humans that I get to call friends and they’re all different and special and supportive and full of love…and they’re in my life because of choices I made.” This should go without saying…but to keep a friend, you need to be a friend. (Is the preschool teacher in me coming out yet?) No relationship is healthy or positive that is based on one person doing all of the giving and the other doing all of the taking.

I encourage you to look at the relationships in your life. Are they positive? Are they healthy? Do you have people who support you, encourage you, offer to “have it taken care of” when someone hurts you? If yes, (and I hope with all of my heart you all have at least one person like this) then hug the s*** out of them and keep them around and be that kind of friend in return. If not, and you have someone in your life who constantly tears you down, insults you, isn’t on your side when the going gets rough…think about releasing him or her. I know, it’s hard, and it can suck. Writing from experience though…the immediate relief you feel is exquisite.

Be kind to yourself and others. Be a friend to yourself and others. Hold love in your heart. Namaste. ❤️


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