Freestyle Friday: 9/29/17

It’s been a week of wild sickness (not on my part, fingers crossed), exhaustion, impatience, reactivity, last-minute deadlines…but I don’t want to discuss any of that. To be honest, I have spent so much time this week reading yoga and self-help books (one for training and one for review) that this week, I just want to talk about something a bit lighter. For once. 

So…a week ago today was the first week of Autumn! If you read my last post (and you should) you’ll know that I’m really excited about the new season, especially when it was coupled with a new moon right before. With all of this change, I want to make a short list of my goals and intentions for the season. 

1. Apply to grad school/apply for scholarships. I’m in the process, but this will be a major goal this season. 

2. Meditate at least 5 times a week. (Trying to be realistic but also trying to make myself do it.)

3. Learn to say “no” more!!

4. I intend to continue working on maintaining positive dialogue regarding my body and invite others to do the same. 

5. Set aside time twice a week for “fun” reading…whatever my definition of that is at the time. 
I’m keeping my list short and sweet…because I’m also trying to set practical goals! Also, today is National Coffee Day, and in honor of this most blissful day AND the Fall season, I’m going to share with you my very special PSL order (that a friend shared with me). 

Directions: Go to Starbucks (I’m unashamedly basic right now)

Order a PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte for you non-basic people) and order it with: 

-Only TWO pumps of the pumpkin spice (the usual is 4 in a grande)

-Almond milk

-Extra spices on the top

This makes for a much less sweet, but still satisfying, version of the fall drink. 

Enjoy, and Namaste! 


One thought on “Freestyle Friday: 9/29/17

  1. Ah that’s such a great tip about PSL! I never knew there were 4 pumps of syrup in them! Explains why my teeth hurt after having one!
    Have a great Autumn! Good luck with everything!

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