Grad School Journal #2

Happy Tuesday (it technically just became Tuesday) Darlings! In an attempt to get this journal up BEFORE I have to complete the one for this week on Wednesday, I am just choosing the no-sleep route. Luckily for Starbucks and unluckily for my bank account, that just means extra caffeine tomorrow…er…today.

Last week in class we continued our discussion over what makes a Professional and Ethical Educator and shared with our groups our own visual of what that looks like in relation to a specific topic (I chose hidden diversities such as sexual preference and religion) and then revamped our group’s visual. The discussion question I chose to answer this week was: Were there any “ah-ha” for you in our Professional and Ethical Educator Visual Definition Process? Reflect on your own evolving view of what it means to be a Professional and Ethical Educator. Aaaannnddd go.

There were definitely some moments of “YES!” during the Professional and Ethical Educator Visual Definition discussion today, (also, that is a mouthful, so I will be shortening it to PEEVD from here on out) mainly from exposure to the ideas and conversations held in my group and presented by the other groups. What I loved most was just seeing the creative process of others and hearing their outlooks on some big-ticket topics. It is fascinating to observe when a group of individuals who have different personalities, backgrounds, and areas of focus come together to collaborate and discuss and create a visual in which we are all represented. This is something that I hope I can achieve and/or help facilitate in my own classroom someday–group-work that is not looked upon with dread and in which everyone is represented, engaged, and treated respectfully. A lady can dream, right?

I think going into this assignment (the PEEVD) it was still feeling slightly vague, like I am supposed to make a visual about what? What does that even mean? What is a Professional and Ethical Educator?? At this point, to me it means having responsibility over my own words and actions and what they could mean to my colleagues and students. It means being respectful, and being aware of differences and diversity and maintaining an open mind. Along with this, it means to continue to be willing to learn. To ask questions. To do research and to be prepared for the difficult discussions as much as possible. Ultimately, it also means holding space–for my students, my colleagues, and myself–a space in which we can share opening, be vulnerable, and grow. I’m sure as we continue forward much more will be added and changed to this as I learn and explore…and potentially it will all become more eloquent and not as rambling. No promises, though.

My Professional and Ethical Educator Visual Definition regarding hidden diversities

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