Road to Half-Marathon: Weeks 1&2

Hello Darlings!

I have officially started training for my first half-marathon! I’m following a 16-week program that culminates in the half-marathon on May 13th. I’ll be running the half at Smith Rock–it is my favorite place in Oregon and so it seemed fitting. I will be (hopefully) running five days a week (although week two went a little wrong, more later) and while the training program I’m following is based on a faster pace than what I’m currently running at, I’m focused now on just maintaining a pace and pushing myself when I know my body is capable of it. This is a journey that is going to require a lot of motivation, determination, willpower, and support…and therefore I’m going to share it all with the good ol’ interweb (AKA, all of you folks) with weekly posts.

Tuesday 1.23.18

Today was the first official day of training and my body was not thrilled. It was cold, rainy, and my calf muscles were sore. There was a bit of walking on a couple of the small hills as my calves were feeling really tight and I’m still babying my ankles after last year’s injuries. Currently listening to: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline in audiobook form. I love Wil Wheaton’s narration!

Stats: 3 miles in 33:40. Avg Pace: 11:12/mile (I’d like to get this steadily at 10:50/11:00 in the next couple of weeks.

Wednesday 1.24.18

I left work a bit late and had an appointment to get my fingerprinting done before class (a school requirement) so I was only able to get in about two miles today instead of three like I wanted. The entire thing felt rushed and I was a bit stressed during the run while I was trying to figure out how much time I had to get everything done. It was definitely better than no run at all though!

Stats: 2.2 miles in 23:14. Avg Pace: 10:26/mile.

Thursday 1.25.18

I got my full three miles in today and it has been so drizzly and gloomy outside that it is a new goal to find a light-weight waterproof jacket to run is as the one I currently have does nothing to keep the rain away! Suggestions are welcome here!!! Otherwise, it was a fairly typical run. My legs are still feeling a bit sore but hopefully that will sort itself out soon enough.

Stats: 3 miles in 32:34. Avg Pace: 10:46/mile.

Saturday 1.27.18

I wasn’t able to get out of bed early enough to run before class this morning (yes, I had to go to class on a SATURDAY), and so I decided to run after my class. I went out to Tryon Creek to have a different setting than the usual streets and cars and houses.

Currently Listening: Still Ready-Player One. Have you all read this one yet? Read it.

Stats: 3 miles in 34:23. Avg Pace: 11:25/mile

Sunday 1.29.18

First long run of training! I was a bit nervous, not going to lie. Five miles today! I created a route with Under Armour’s Map My Run feature and used that along with Strava (and my fitbit, I just like a lot of things) to stay on track with this run. There were a couple of intense hills that I didn’t realize I had included in the route, so those I walked up for now while I’m still getting reacquainted with running. I won’t say it was easy, but it was definitely better than I was expecting.

Stats: 5 miles in 56:42. Avg Pace: 11:17/mile

So Week 2 did not begin well. I had A LOT of outside stress not mentioned above, and not surprisingly, I ended up getting sick with an annoying cold. So I only ran a grand total of twice this past week. 😦 Trying not to get down on myself too much and recognize that there is only so much in my control and I will get back to it in Week 3! (AKA, tomorrow!)

Friday 2.2.18

My first run of the week and with the cold still lingering still felt a little shaky out there. I wanted 3 miles, but I also didn’t want to make the sickness worse! What was super interesting was how as soon as I started running it was like my legs had been waiting to run. It felt so natural, which is a shock to me still! I think it’s a good thing though? 🙂

Stats: 2.3 miles in 26:27. Avg Pace: 11:14/mile

Saturday 2.3.18

Went on a run before an early birthday wine tasting celebration! It felt really nice and I felt better doing it knowing that I was going to be drinking wine and eating cheese all day! I’m finding I’m still struggling keeping the pace I WANT to be at…this past week I wanted to be at a slower pace to take it easy on my body and still ran faster than I wanted…although all things considered, not that fast haha!

Currently listening to: THE HAMILTON SOUNDTRACK. I am obsessed. Actually. Also, I am heartbroken that tickets to the musical sold out so quickly in Portland.

Stats: 3 miles in 32:46. Avg Pace: 10:47/mile

Not a running picture, but here’s the wine tasting crew! 🙂


That’s all folks! Until next week! 🙂 Cheers and Happy Sunday!


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