Road to Half-Marathon: Weeks 3 & 4

Alright alright alright. I’m behind. I fully realized how behind I was when I looked back on my notes and realized that this post includes run notes from a month ago. *Shrugs.* Oops. I’m an E.B.H. (Extraordinarily Busy Human), what can I say? I can attempt to do better, meaning I will also post weeks 5 & 6 this week as well. We can hope. I’ve also had two glasses of wine, am ignoring homework, and just put an International Women’s Day playlist on (cheers to my badass ladies out there) so here we go. I’m still getting in the groove of posts like this…they feel a bit monotonous to me but maybe I will figure out what it is I want to do with them by the time my race happens!

Monday 2.5.18

Birthday run! Four miles for this 27-year old. It was a beautiful morning–the sun was out for most of my run! Is this even February? I’m so used to clouds and rain on my birthday, but this was a lovely (and hopeful) change. The run felt okay. Not great, but okay. I think I was mainly anticipating was my day was going to look like AFTER my run.

Stats: 4.1 miles. 11:15/mile. 46 minutes. Listening to: Ready Player One

Wednesday 2.7.18

My ankle is giving me grief so only two (slightly painful) miles today. I ran near work and I’m sure the hills didn’t help! I will have to rest it. I get super frustrated when things like this happen…mainly because I don’t like having to stop!

Stats: 2 miles. 10:46/mile. 21 minutes.

Friday 2.9.19

The ankle felt slightly better with three miles today, but not perfect. That last mile was tough. Lots of ice tonight and stretching for this girl!

Stats: 3 miles. 11:01/mile. 33 minutes.

Saturday 2.10.18

Purposefully kept it at two miles to go easy on my ankle and because I have to spend part of my day going up and down three flights of stairs while moving boxes! This run felt fine today and it’s one of my faster runs lately.

Stats: 2.1 miles. 10:16/mile. 21 minutes.

Thursday 2.15.18

I took quite a few rest days after my last run and my legs were definitely glad to be out today. It was my last run in the NW neighborhood! I am so excited about my new apartment but I am absolutely going to miss how beautiful this neighborhood is. Three miles today and I will be moving more things today–tomorrow is the official moving day and the movers are coming (and my mom)!

Stats: 3 miles. 10:46/mile. 32 minutes. Listening to: Ready Player One–LOVE this book.

Saturday 2.17.18

First run in the new neighborhood! It was wet and cold and I got a little lost a couple of times…but successful overall! I discovered I now live really close (running distance) to Mount Tabor now and I’m super excited about it! I also ran past a nearby high school that is so beautiful it looks like it should be in a movie. My mom is visiting and we’re getting my old apartment cleaned up today so I’m happy to have the run in the books early!

Stats: 3.1 miles. 10:53/mile. 34 minutes.

Sunday 2.18.18

I completely procrastinated on my long run today…but I pushed through and ran fives miles today! It actually felt great even though I got a bit lost a couple of times and walked some of the short hills (hills make me really nervous when it comes to my ankles), I’m really pleased with my pacing today although I might slow it down a bit for future long runs. Oh! I finished listening to Ready Player Run on today’s run…can’t wait for the movie at the end of March! Now to find a new “running” audiobook…

Stats: 5 miles. 10:40/mile. 53 minutes.



I will post running updates from the past couple of weeks, as well as grad school updates, soon!


Namaste Darlings!


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