Haiku a Day: Day 28

How has it been 28 days already? When will I manage to post before 9pm? We may never learn the answers. The river still flows.Gushing, rushing, full of life, seemingly endless.

Haiku a Day: Days 19, 20, 21

While I diligently wrote my haikus over the weekend, I refused to open my laptop once I considered myself "done" with work on Friday. Therefore, here are three haikus today! I'm determined to create a better routine this week so that work doesn't feel as overwhelming...and so I can keep up with my more entertaining... Continue Reading →

Haiku a Day: Day 18

Day 18?! Is this real? I don't remember the last time I stuck with something consistently for this long. Small victories. One of these days, I will manage to get my haiku(s) posted earlier than bedtime. Le sigh. Someday. Golden milk latte: Word of your healing goodnessis legend. Let's hope. For SarahWork at the warehouseWe're... Continue Reading →

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