15 days?! What?

Haiku a Day: Days 8 & 9

Good Morning all! I missed yesterday’s haiku post (but still wrote one in the car yesterday), so I’m posting a double today! Haiku: Day 8:Ode to In-N-Out:Oh joy! Oh sweet, greasy bliss. I love thee truly. Obviously, I was pretty stoked to get In-N-Out yesterday. Haiku: Day 9French press gratitude.Coffee: strong and welcoming.Sanity through this.... Continue Reading →

Haiku a Day: Day 3

The neighbors next doorare loud. They shout, snarl, scream.Still, I try to sleep. First YearA first-year teacher was promised many hardshipsexcept pandemics. Hand sanitizer: You are popular now butsoap is still better.

Haiku A Day: Days 1 & 2

Hey all! Next month, I was supposed to start a poetry unit with my 7th graders, and I was INTENSELY looking forward to it. (I love teaching poetry.) One of their assignments was going to be to keep a haiku journal for a week. I had an idea that during this period of social distancing,... Continue Reading →

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