Year 26: What I’ve Learned and Relearned (So far)

I probably haven’t mentioned this, but I love lists. I love making lists, reading lists, checking things off on lists…the whole shebang. It’s been an interesting year so far and I figured I’d share a list of some things of some things I’ve experience and learned through and some tidbits of knowledge that I let … More Year 26: What I’ve Learned and Relearned (So far)

On Staying Open…

Since this is a month in which love is celebrated…which, ahem, should be celebrated ALL the time, last week I decided to write this post and discuss vulnerability, remaining hopeful and optimistic when you are a Singleton like myself, and finish off with a heart-opening yoga sequence for you all. Then, I got my heart broken … More On Staying Open…

January Book Review: Make Peace with Your Mind

Hello Darlings! Long time, no chat. Between the holidays and making a VERY last-minute decision to move this month–not to mention working and yadda yadda yadda…something had to give, and that something was keeping up on the blog. Things are (slowly) beginning to settle, and I’m back with a new review for you! New World … More January Book Review: Make Peace with Your Mind

Letter to a Friend

Two flowers on the plant you gave me are about to bloom. It’s been so long since a flower has appeared that I wondered if it would ever happen again. I wondered if I had somehow done something wrong. I don’t think either of us realized how important this plant, so small when you gave … More Letter to a Friend